About Dr. Hu

Hu, Zhengrong

E-mail:  huzhr AT hotmail.com  [AT=@]

Educational Background

BA in Journalism, Department of Journalism, Beijing Broadcasting Institute, Beijing. 1986

PhD in Communication, School of Journalism, Renmin University of China, Beijing. 1999

Academic and Administrative Work Experience

1986.7-1994, tutor, lecturer, and associate professor of the Department of Journalism, Beijing Broadcasting Institute

1994.5-1998.5, Deputy Director of the Department of Journalism, Beijing Broadcasting Institute

1998.5-2005.4,  Professor and Dean of Dean’s Office, Beijing Broadcasting Institute

2000.1-2018.1, Director, the National Center for Radio & TV Studies, Professor, Communication University of China (formerly Beijing Broadcasting Institute)

2005.5-2006.11, Executive Dean, Graduate School, Communication University of China

2006.11-2016.07, Vice President, Communication University of China

2016.09-2018.01,President, Communication University of China

2018.01-2021.11, Editor-in-Chief, China Education Television

2021.11-, Director, Institute of Journalism and Communication, China Academy of Social Sciences

Main Research Areas

Media policy and institution transition, political economy of communication, media management, new media, global communication etc.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate: Introduction of Communication.

Graduate: Theories of Communication, Media Studies, Media Policy and Institution, Study on Chinese Media Issues

Selected Publications


Hu Zhengrong (editor, 2018), Culturl Developement in China 1978~2018, Social Sciences Academic Press, Beijing, China

Hu Zhengrong (editor, 2017), Communciation Volume, China Encyclopedia (3rd Edition, Online), China Encyclopedia Publishing House, Beijing, China

Hu Zhengrong (editor, 2017), Introduction to Communication, Higher Education Publishing House, Beijing, China

Hu Zhengrong (2004), The Reality of Media & Exceed, Communication University of China Publishing House, Beijing, China.

Hu Zhengrong (2003), “The Development Strategy of the Chinese Radio and Television in the Context of Globalization and Informatization Series” (Editor-in-Chief)

The Development Strategy of the Chinese Radio and Television,

The International Media Conglomerates Research,

The Media Market and Capital Operation,

The Development Strategy of Radio and Television in the Western China

Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, 2003

Wang Wenbin & Hu Zhengrong (2001),The Frontier of the World Television (three volumes), Huayi Publishing House, Beijing, China

Hu Zhengrong (2001), the Innovation of the Media Management—the Management System of the Electronic Media,, Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, Beijing, China

Cao Lu & Hu Zhengrong (1997), Satellite Television Communication, Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, Beijing, China

Hu Zhengrong (1997), Theories of Communication,, Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, Beijing, China. (The second class of the 5th Philosophy and Social Science Award of Beijing Social Science Foundation),

Selected Papers Published in Chinese:

“The Starting Point of Re-shaping Chinese Media System: Chinese Broadcasting Restructuring as an Example”, Southern Academic Journal of Television, Guangzhou. Issue 5, 2005

“Contemporary Western Film and Television Industry’s Transformation and Regulation Innovation and Its Significance to Chinese Film and Television Industry’s Reform”, Film and Television Industry and Developmental Strategy of Chinese Culture—the Collected Papers of the 12th China ‘Golden Rooster Prize’ and ‘One Hundred Flower Award’ Symposium, China Film Press, 2004

“The Landscape of Communication Studies in China”, China Reading Weekly, the 17th page, August 11th, 2004

“The Exaggeration of the Media and the Playing Rules for the Protection of the Public Benefit”, Film Art, (Chinese key journal), the 3rd issue of 2004

“The Media’s Rent-seeking, Industrial Integration and the Process of the Media’s Capitalization—the Analysis of Changes of Chinese Media’s Regulation”, Asia Media Studies, the Volume of 2003, Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, 2004

“Structure, Organization, Supply Line and Institutional Arrangement—the Economic Analysis of Present Western Media Industry” (two parts), Modern Communication, the 5th and 6th issue, 2003.10.and 2003.12.

“The Rule of Market, Deciding the Developmental Road of the Media?” Chinese Press Paper, the 6th page, August 25th, 2003

“The Audience Group: from Chaos to Order—Audience Commodity and Management Strategy of China’s Television”, Journalism and Communication Forum, the 7th issue, edited by Ding Boquan, Nanjing University Publishing House, 2002

“The Systematization Research of the Broadcasting Media’s Governmental Rules and Regulations”, The Globalization and Mass Media: Conflict, Integration and Interaction, edited by Yinhong and Libing, Tsinghua University Publishing House, 2002.

“The Options for Radio and Television Industry in Chinese Mainland under the Impact of Globalization and Commercialization”, Xin Bao Economic Journal Monthly, Hong Kong, the 1st issue, 2002

“The Crux and Way-out of Chinese Broadcasting Conglomeration”, China Journalist, the 11th issue, 2001

“The Criticism of Television Development”, Chinese Television, Marching Towards the 21st Century Published by Beijing Broadcasting Institute Publishing House, 1998

Publications in English:

“China’s Television in Transition”, Television and public policy: change and continuity in an era of liberalizationEdited by Anthony McNicholas and David Ward, LEA, 2007

“Towards the public? the dilemma in Chinese media policy change and its influential factors”, Research report, Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. December 21, 2005.

“The Post-WTO Restructuring of the Chinese Media Industries and the Consequences of Capitalization”, the Public/Javnost (Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture) Vol.10/4, 2003.10

“Transforming Chinese Television: The Year of the Digital Dragon”, Pavlik, John V. and Hu Zhengrong, Television Quarterly, Spring 2002, Volume 33, Number 1: 16-22.

Papers Presented at International Conferences:

“Reshaping Chinese Media New Institution Starting from Restructuring of Broadcasting Sector”, International Conference on Chinese TV and Globalization, Duke University, Oct. 28-30, 2005

“Challenge and Opportunity: Status Quo of Overseas TV Program in the Market of Chinese Mainland”, International Symposium And Workshop” TV Programme Exchange between Germany and China”, organized by the Institute for Broadcasting Economics, Cologne University, Germany, April, 28th and 29th 2005,Cologne, Germany

“The Equilibrium Between the Government and the Market: an Analysis of China’s Media Policy after WTO”, Media Cultures and Globalization in China ConferenceUniversity of StockholmSweden Dec 5-7, 2004

“The Role of the Media as a Watchdog for Corruption and Promoter of ‘Clean’ Private Sector Development: China’s Experience”, International Workshop on “The Role of the Media as a Watchdog for Corruption and Promoter of ‘Clean’ Private Sector Development: China’s Experience”, Central Institute for Economic Management. Hanoi, Vietnam. August 5-6, 2004

“Institutional Dilemma and Its Ideological Origin in the Transition of China’s Media Regulation”, International Conference on “Transnational Media Corporation and National Media System: China after Entry into the WTO”BellagioItaly. May 17-20, 2004

“Globalization and Commercialization: Challenges for Chinese Media”, the 52th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Seoul, Korea, 2002.7.

“Chinese Contents Industry: Transitions and Issues” “An International Symposium for the Recognition Shift and Future Prospective of Cultural Content”, Seoul, Korea2001.9

“Chinese Broadcasting Media in Changing Context” “The Annual Conference of the Management Committee, Asia Institute of Broadcasting Development (AIBD)”, Beijing2001.7.

Selected Research Projects:

Development Strategy of Cultural Creative Industry in Beijing. (2006), the Social Sciences Foundation of Beijing City.

The Structuring of China’s Public Service Broadcasting System. (2005), Ministry of Education.

Pre-research on Chinese Broadcasting in the 10th Five Year Plan (2000-2005) and Advisory Research on the 11th Five Year Development (2006-2010). (2004), China State Development and Reform Commission.

Reform of Public Sector in Chinese Broadcasting System. A Part of Chinese Public Sector System Reform Research Project. (2004), World Bank & China State Development and Reform Commission

The Development Strategy of China’s Mass Media in the Early Part of the 21st Century. (2002), the National Social Sciences Foundation of China.

The Research on Online Media Management of China. (2001),

The Development Research of the Radio and Television in the Western China. (2000) , sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT)

The Development Strategy of the Chinese Radio and Television in the Context of Globalization and Information. (2000), sponsored by Ministry of Education of China.

Professional Memberships

Chair, Discipline Evaluation Group of Journalism and Communication, National Committee of Degrees, State Council. 2009-2014, 2015-2019

Chair, Education Supervision Committee of Journalism and Communication in Higher Edcuation Institutions, Ministry of Education, 2012-2017

Chair, China Association of Communication

Expert Committee of Courses Development and Disciplines Establishment, Ministry of Education

Evaluation Committee of the China Studying Abroad Foundation Council

Expert Committee of Post-doctor Workstation Evaluation, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources

Standing Committee of the Beijing Journalists Association

Academic Member of China Radio and TV Society

International Communication Association (ICA)

Editorial committees of Media Asia magazine, Singapore;

Journal of Communication Research, Korea;

Journal of Marketing Communications, Britain.

Advisory Committee of the Asia Media, Information and Communication Center (AMIC)

International Advisory Board of Global Media and Communication, Britain

Honors and Awards

2011, The Honourary Doctorate, University of Westminster

2001, State governmental special award by the State Council of China

2000, Cross-Century Excellent Personnel, China Ministry of Education

1995, Excellent Key Young Teacher of Beijing, Beijing City

1991, Excellent Young Teacher of Beijing, Beijing City

Academic Visiting Experience

Feb. – August 2006: Leverhulme visiting professor at School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster.

Sep. 2005-Jan. 2006: Research Fellow, Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

August 2005: Visiting scholar at Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, Sweden

March 2005: Lectures at Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania.

August 2004: Chairing workshop in the Central Institute for Economic Management. Hanoi, Vietnam.

July, 2004: Visiting journalism and communication schools in University of Southern California, California State University in Los Angles, University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Miami, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, and the Center for Press, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard University.

February, 2004: Visiting the 8th University of Paris, France; German Film Institute (Berlin), Hochschule of Film and TV of Potsdam, Hochschule of Film of Munich, Germany; the National School of Film in Rome, Italy.

August, 2002- August 2003: Visiting scholar, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

May-June, 2001: Visiting Professor, University of Durham, Britain

Sept-Dec., 1998: Visiting Professor, Quinnipiac University, CT, USA

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