Dr. Hu Attended International Conference on Chinese Television and Globalization at Duke University

Dr.Zhengrong Hu [ from  right 4] attended International Conference on Globalization and Chinese Television at Duke,October 28 -29, 2005 . Duke University Provost Peter Lange (center)
From Duke University Program in Chinese media and Communication Studies
The International Conference on Chinese Television and Globalization was held October 28 -29, 2005 at Duke University, sponsored by Duke Program in Chinese Media and Communication Studies, the Dewitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Sanford Institute of Public Policy, the Provost Office, and Asian/Pacific Studies Institute.

Hu Zhengrong, Communication University of China, explored the restructuring of Chinese media sectors under globalization. He observed that the Chinese media conglomeration trend since the late 1990s differs fundamentally from its Western business models, in 继续阅读

Speak about government and the media in Harvard University

Zhengrong Hu (from left) of the Communication University of China speaks about government and the media as Kevin Ryan, Sunshine Hillygus, and Diane Francis listen at a Taubman Center gathering.

(Staff photo Jon Chase/Harvard News Office)

By Rob Meyer
Kennedy School Communications

Zhengrong Hu, a professor at the Communication University of China, focused his research on the Chinese press and the factors that might influence future government policy relating to the media. It is uncertain and difficult to forecast, Hu said, adding that press freedoms in China are often “two steps forward, one step back.” 继续阅读