Dr. Hu Attended International Conference on Chinese Television and Globalization at Duke University

Dr.Zhengrong Hu [ from  right 4] attended International Conference on Globalization and Chinese Television at Duke,October 28 -29, 2005 . Duke University Provost Peter Lange (center)
From Duke University Program in Chinese media and Communication Studies
The International Conference on Chinese Television and Globalization was held October 28 -29, 2005 at Duke University, sponsored by Duke Program in Chinese Media and Communication Studies, the Dewitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, Sanford Institute of Public Policy, the Provost Office, and Asian/Pacific Studies Institute.

Hu Zhengrong, Communication University of China, explored the restructuring of Chinese media sectors under globalization. He observed that the Chinese media conglomeration trend since the late 1990s differs fundamentally from its Western business models, in that the Chinese model of �single administration, dual managements� (media organization under the government administration is managed as both a state-owned public service entity and a business enterprise) is only a provisional arrangement during the transitional period and cannot serve as a structural model. The current restructuring should redefine the relationship between the government and the media organizations. The ultimate goal in Hu’s view is to establish a media infrastructure whereby the government, the public service and business sectors coordinate each others operations effectively.

Leading scholars and media executives from China , the United States , England and Germany attended the two-day conference to discuss issues ranging from globalization and Chinese television, changes and prospects of Chinese television, global media coverage of China . Speakers included Eileen O’Connor, President of International Center for Journalists, U.S.A. , Jiang Weimin, President of Channel Young, Shanghai Media Group, China , Hu Zhengrong, Director of the National Center for Radio & Television Studies and Executive Dean of the Graduate School , Communication University of China, and Adrian Van-Klaveren, Head of the News Department, BBC.

The conference was the first ever international conference on Chinese television held outside China , and it marked the beginning of the study of Chinese television and media industry from international perspectives, combining the efforts of scholars, media executives and policy makers.