Pro.Hu talk about the transformation of traditional media .



Newsweek’s move to go digital

In a digital era, it comes hardly as a surprise that publications are shifting their gravity to cyberspace by augmenting their online platforms. But Newsweek, a time-honored US magazine, made the decision to put to rest its print editions and go completely digital starting from 2013. Over the years, Newsweek’s print edition has seen its readership penetration gradually eroded by emerging new media. Advertisers, as a result, have also gradually moved away from print media, further straining Newsweek financially. It remains unclear as to whether the move to go all-digital will turn out to be the right decision, but it is certain that Newsweek’s loyal readers now have to be more tech-savvy if they want to continue to enjoy their beloved magazine in the future.

Pro. Hu talked  about the transformation of traditional media on    People In the Know   of  CRI.